Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hand: Marks of Doing

In today's post we consider the disciple's marks of doing (Hand):

3. Hand (Marks of Doing):

     3.1 Opens their home to love others through Christ by making them feel welcomed and cared for in the Body of Christ (hospitality)

     3.2 Practices radical generosity by managing the resources entrusted to them by Christ (stewardship)

     3.3 Demonstrates participation in the mission of God in the world (mission)

     3.4 Practices care for their physical and emotional well-being (self-care)

     3.5 Exercises their spiritual gift or gifts in the service of the Body of Christ (service)

     3.5 Facilitates spiritual growth in individuals and groups (discipleship)

     3.6 Shares the love of Christ in word and deed (evangelism)

     3.7 Practices personal reconciliation between members of the Body of Christ (biblical peacemaking)

     3.8 Grows spiritually and relationally through loving and caring relationships in the   Body of Christ (relationships)

     3.9 Evaluates every aspect of life according to biblical standards of wisdom (worldview).                                                                                                          

     3.10 Implements the cultural mandate by biblically engaging the culture in their areas of calling (cultural engagement)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Heart: The Marks of Being

In today's post, we consider the disciple's marks of being:

2. Heart (Marks of Being):

     2.1 Accepts Christ by grace alone through faith (justification).

     2.2 Experiences the doctrines of sin and grace, and grace-oriented repentance and faith (Gospel renewal)

     2.3 Grows in the knowledge and love of God (relationship with God)
     2.4 Participates in God-honoring, Christ-exalting worship with the Body of Christ (corporate worship)

     2.5 Practices the means of grace (spiritual disciplines)

     2.6 Pursues godly Christian character (character)

     2.7 Desires to serve God and deny self by loving others in the Body of Christ (relationships with believers)

     2.8 Growing in Christ-likeness through the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit   (sanctification).

     2.9 Pursues biblical transformation of the heart and mind (personal transformation)

     2.10 Desires to glorify God in every aspect of their personal life (glory of God)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Head: The Marks of Knowing

Now that we have considered a few foundational issues, we can move on to lay the framework for a disciple-making process in a local congregation. A good starting point is to define what we mean when we say that our goal is to make mature disciples of Christ. Books have been written on the subject of the marks of a mature disciple and because of the vast amount of material in the New Testament on this subject, there is no one right approach to this question. The following framework is an attempt to narrow the focus on what we mean by a mature disciple. Depending on your theological commitments or how you use the list, you may choose to divide these categories (Head, Heart, and Hand) further or add or subtract some of them. Feel free to use any of the material posted on this blog but please cite the source.

1. Head (Marks of Knowing):

     1.1 Knows that the Bible is the word of God and our only rule of faith and practice (authority).

     1.2 Understands the concept of salvation by Grace alone (Gospel)

     1.3 Understands the concepts of idolatry, repentance, and faith (biblical change)

     1.4 Understands the flow of redemptive history (biblical theology)

     1.5 Understands the general content of the Scripture (biblical knowledge)

     1.6 Understands basic biblical doctrine as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith (doctrine)

     1.7 Understands how to effectively study and apply the Scripture (biblical        interpretation)
     1.8 Understands the nature and mission of the Church and that the church is God’s primary instrument to accomplish His purposes (ecclesiology).

     1.9 Understands church government and discipline (church government). 

     1.10 Understand the impact of their Identification with Christ in his crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection (union).